“HELLO” by Richard Galapate : Simple Word That Could Bring a Huge Change

Title : HELLO — a short film about tolerance & diversity

Video’s link: (53) HELLO — a short film about tolerance & diversity (1ST PLACE in the Nikon Cinema Z Film Fest 2019) — YouTube

HELLO is a short film about tolerance & diversity directed by Richard Galapate. Hello won the 1st place in the Students’ Category at the Nikon Cinema Z Film Festival that took place in November 2019. The film cast actors and actresses such as Andrei Dalimos as Charles, Angel Domantay as Angelica, and Friends. The film received a 4.8/5 rating on Flixify.

This short film follows a man who is always alone and doesn’t like talking to other people. Expressing the heart of men who do not get along well with other people. However, not always alone is fun. We humans still need friends, and it was the woman who asked this man out of our comfort zone.

This short film tells the story of a man named Charles who likes computers, anime, and other rich stuff, and also likes playing a few sports. Charles didn’t like to catch parties or talk to other people. Solitude is his happiness. Charles loves being alone but hates being lonely. But one day, Angelica said hello and invited Charles to have lunch together. Charles never expected someone like Angelica to approach him out to the blue. Every day they were together, so Angelica’s friend became Charles’s friend too.

The cinematography that is shown in accordance with the film. The music used is only simple instruments that are compatible with the film. The sets used are in schools, billiard place and the streets. The costumes used are teenage standards.

This is a great film because it allows introverts to blend in with other people. “Hello” is just a simple word that could bring a huge change. Not hard to make new friends, not hard to be accepted and definitely not hard to accept others. Being afraid all the time is just a waste of time.




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